Resident addresses missing mail in Andrews

Resident addresses missing mail in Andrews

Residents in Andrews say they are tired of fighting the U.S Postal Service for their mail. A group of them say they have had this problem on and off since early May.

One resident said she's scared her personal information could be landing in the wrong hands.

Mail should be delivered Monday through Saturday but one neighborhood says they don't even get weekly mail anymore.

"We've been told it's down the street. We've been told we don't know where it's at, we'll see if we can find it," said the Andrews resident, who wished to remain anonymous. "We've been told the carrier has your mail in the truck. You will have to catch the carrier and get your mail."

Several Andrews residents have complained on the Rants and Raves group on Facebook and posts date back as far as July.

All of them point out they have not received their mail regularly or it's delivered on Sunday, a day the mail is not regularly delivered.

The resident said this is a big issue as she's risking getting behind on bills.

"We physically had to go to the water department for the first two months we lived here to get our bill and find out how much we owed and pay it because we weren't receiving them," the resident said.

Along with bills, she says personal information is her main concern as this does bring up the possibility of identity theft.

"I am getting concerned with it being tax season, they'll be mailing tax papers. That scares me," the resident said. "I'm getting to the point that I'm really afraid for anything personal to come through the mail that's important."

This resident says she just wants her mail delivered safely and making sure her personal information is not floating around and landing in the wrong hands.

NewsWest 9 reached out to the Post Office but the Postmaster was not willing to comment on the issue.

We also spoke with U.S. Postal Service Representative Robert Sam Bolen, who is investigating the issue.

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