Explosive testing could return to Reeves County

Explosive testing could return to Reeves County

PECOS, TX (KWES) - The Pecos Economic Development Corporation, owners of the Pecos Research Testing Center, allowed Applied Research Associates access to test explosives on their track before shutting down. According to Executive Director of the PEDC, Bill Ogelsby, the blasts caused issues with the surrounding communities.

"When the government contracts slowed down, they went into the private sector and was doing some large blasts that was creating industrial diamond dust. In the beginning, it probably made for some not-so-happy neighbors," said Ogelsby.

Ogelsby said temperature and pressure in the atmosphere during the blasts were the root of the problems the first time around.

"The percussion of the blast goes up, bounces off the atmosphere, comes back down and it's shaken windows in Pecos, Fort Stockton and Monahans," said Ogelsby.

There haven't been any blast tests in recent months and with the county board meeting coming up, Ogelsby hopes the testing center would return to its original use.

"I would like to see the facility used for what it was originally built for and that is automotive uses. To have a nine mile oval track is pretty special," said Ogelsby.

At this time there is only one company using the testing center.

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