Odessa jewelry store robbed at gunpoint, search underway for suspects

Odessa jewelry store robbed at gunpoint, search underway for suspects

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - After being opened for 17 years the owner of Martha's Jewelry experienced the scare of her life today when she was robbed with a gun to her head.

Owner and victim Martha Romo says it all happened in about five minutes but it felt more like three days.

Romo was inside running her business off the 12-hundred block of South Grant in Odessa, when two men came inside. The owner said she knew right away something out of the ordinary was going to happen.

Romo says, "When I bent down to get something that they asked to see, one of them grabbed me by the arm, put the gun to my head and told me to give him everything if I didn't want to die. So I told them, 'take it all.'"

It all happened around 3:30 Tuesday afternoon. In the surveillance video you can see the men when they were asking to see several jewelry pieces. After the owner took her sight off them they made their way over to the other side of the counter, pointed a gun at her and cleared out the entire counter. The owner tells us they then asked her to lead them to the money and they emptied the cash register as well.

Communications Officer, Corporal Steve LeSueur says, "They fled the scene through the back door. The got into a red over black SUV and they were last seen traveling westbound on Clements."

The owner tells NewsWest 9 the men left after they saw more customers entering the store and it scares her to think what else could have happened.

She does have a message for the thieves if they're watching, "I feel ashamed for them. They're so young, they can work and earn an honest living like most of us do and live a happy life, but jail is waiting for them. It's a shame."

Police are still searching for the two men. If you recognize either of these suspects call Odessa Crime Stoppers at 432-333-TIPS.

No injuries were reported and police believe the two could be tied to other crimes.

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