Fort Stockton police working around the clock to deal with loose animals

Fort Stockton police working around the clock to deal with loose animals

FORT STOCKTON, TX (KWES) - Residents in Fort Stockton are fed up with roaming animals and even calling 911 to report the issue.

The Fort Stockton police department says its working around the clock to deal with a high number of loose animals.

"Last year we picked up over 1,164 animals. 679 dogs, 403 cats and in the combination of just other stuff like 82 raccoons, birds, skunks. You name it," said Fort Stockton Chief of Police, Art Fuentes.

The main issue in this community is loose animals. One resident says her main concern is how quickly they multiply.

"Just cats, they're all over. There's a bunch there because I've seen them but if I go outside and yell at them, man they jump the fence like crazy," said Carolina Carrillo.

On the other hand, experts say residents should not feed stray pets.

Feeding them only make them return for more.

"Number one, call us and another thing, without cameras, we carry them everywhere, it's a very good tool to have especially trying to document that animal dog, cat or whatever it might be that it was seen out in the alley, in the streets and turn that over to animal control," said Fuentes.

Along with the city ordinance regarding loose animals, animal control services operates a no-kill shelter.

"It's going to be micro-chipped before it leaves the shelter. We're trying to track multiple offenders of people who are just constantly not being responsible and letting their animals run loose," said Fuentes.

Police remind residents that you're not allowed to have more than four pets at one given time and feeding strays is one way of proclaiming ownership.

However, if you're pet does run loose and it happens to hurt someone or cause damage, you are liable and could be cited.