Odessa woman speaks out for first time after domestic abuse

Odessa woman speaks out for first time after domestic abuse

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Victoria Gryder may have lost her home but she feels she gained her voice.

"I just was beside myself and angry. It was pretty surreal," said Gryder.

Last August, Victoria Gryder says after a culmination of harassing texts, phone calls and emails the home she shared with children and best friend was burned down. Gryder claims it was by her ex-boyfriend, Rodney Robertson. 

"I was kind of in shock, but not in shock. He had said the day before on voice mails, harassing voice mails, that he was going to kill everybody and destroy everything I ever loved," said Gryder.

She says everything from her kids' school supplies to furniture was lost in the fire.

"Clothes, furniture, books, photo albums, things like that, things that can't be replaced, along with things that can be replaced," said Gryder.

She was more than thankful to her friends, family and those in the community who rallied around her and her kids.

"They helped find us a new rent house. They also helped with donating furniture and clothes. It was amazing," said Gryder.

Victoria says the experience of losing her home had a profound effect on her, but she continues to push forward and encourages others in a similar situation to not be afraid and speak up.

"You may feel trapped but you can get out. It's never too late to get out," said Gryder.

Police say if you are ever in an abusive relationship to document it and if needed you are advised to take out an order of protection.

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