Neighbors speak fondly of man found dead in Midland

Neighbors speak fondly of man found dead in Midland

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A body found on Franklin Avenue in Midland has been identified. Residents that live near the man known as 'Johnny' spoke fondly of him.

"I feel like since he was a veteran he deserved much more and he was a story to be told," said Mario Gutierrez, a friend of Johnny.

Johnny was well known around the 2900 block of Franklin. A resident on the street let him rent out a trailer behind his house and many neighbors knew him by name.

"He wasn't a homeless person he paid his rent," said Gutierrez.

On Thursday morning, Johnny was found unresponsive at his trailer by a few homeless friends he had staying with him.

"He brought a couple of buddies over to get them out from the cold weather because he was a generous person, a compassionate person," said Gutierrez.

Friends and family are now mourning the death of a man who put his life on the line for our country.

"He's a true American hero. He went out there and he fought and saw his friends get shot. He's seen the atrocities of war," said Gutierrez.

A friend says Johnny had medical problems but lived passed the time frame doctors gave him.

"Every day he felt blessed because he was sick. He had some problems with his liver and his kidney but everyday he felt blessed," said Gutierrez.

Police say Johnny died of natural causes and do not suspect any foul play.

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