Odessa pothole causes damage to vehicle

Odessa pothole causes damage to vehicle

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Robert Brown, of Odessa said, I just felt my car drop.

That was how he described his car after hitting a pothole on 87th and Dawn Avenue in Odessa.

"I was angry let's put it that way. My bumper was still attached on one side but being dragged on the ground the rest of the way," says Brown.

Many drivers travel along that road, which makes Brown wonder why the pothole wasn't blocked off.

"You can't see how deep it is. The city of Odessa being experienced doing construction and things like that, they should have known better," says Brown.

Brown is now hoping that the city will pay for the damages to his car. 

Andrea Goodson, City of Odessa Public Information Officer, says, "They can contact the Risk Management Department for the city of Odessa and talk to our risk manager who at that point in time will advise them what will happen. The city has always worked very efficiently to get the potholes repaired. We have dedicated crews to do that job."
In Brown's case, he believes this one is on the city.

"I just want what's right for me or anybody else in this situation," says Brown.

Citizens of Odessa can report on potholes around the city by going to their website at http://www.odessa-tx.gov/.

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