Open carry starts this week

Open carry starts this week

TEXAS (KWES) - By the end of the week the open carry law will be put into effect. Anyone who has a concealed handgun license will be able to walk around with their firearm openly starting January first.

Texas will become the 45 state to enforce the open carry law. This means when you go out, chances are you will see people carrying guns.

Although firearms may be visible they must be in a holster. The holster can be located on the belt or shoulder.

According to Texas DPS more than 900,000 Texans have a concealed handgun license that will allow them to open carry in 2016.

Midland police say they are expecting lots of calls from citizens reporting guns in public and they are prepared.

Midland Police Chief says, "When the law goes into effect there will be people in Midland who will be open carry. Just be conscientious about that. If there is anything that occurs either unusual or suspicious, you know just give us a call and we're here to check it out."

NewsWest 9 visited a local business that sells guns. The owner tells us many people have already stopped by to purchase holsters, but others are interested in the training classes.

Kimberly Barry the owner and president of Tejas Shooting Sports took time to explain what open carry means to those who already have a concealed handgun license, "I think for a lot of people it's giving them some freedom. They're not as concerned about 'Oh my goodness if my gun shows I'm gonna get in trouble' and that's always been a problem in the past."

Midland Police say they are expecting an increase in calls after the law kicks in.

They suggest paying special attention to mannerisms of the people carrying the firearm, location and if they are properly carrying the handgun in a holster.

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