What to expect with dangerous driving conditions

What to expect with dangerous driving conditions

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - After the sun set Monday temperatures dropped dramatically. The snow that was melting earlier is now ice on the roadways making it a very dangerous situation for anyone driving.

Monday night the second wave of freezes are expected in west Texas. According to the city of Midland, there have been less than ten weather related accidents, but the city has worked on more than 40 stalled vehicles. The most common thing the city is seeing is people are getting stuck in the snow. The melted snow will continue to freeze over-night Monday causing very dangerous driving situations for the rest of the evening.

Tuesday morning roads will be covered with black ice making it nearly impossible for drivers to predict how risky the roads really are. The Texas Department of Public Safety recommends avoiding traveling as much as possible even if it is a short distance. TxDOT has already started treating bridges and overpasses, but it is better if you avoid them. If you absolutely have to travel, they recommend you reduce your speed to where you can control it comfortably and keep a safe distance from other vehicles.

Temperatures are expected to continue to drop throughout Monday night.

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