TXDOT preparing area roads, offering advice for winter storm

TXDOT preparing area roads, offering advice for winter storm

A strong winter storm is expected to arrive in the Permian Basin Saturday night and into Sunday morning.

The expected snowfall will cause travel problems across the area.

The Texas Department of Transportation is preparing for the winter storm as they are treating Interstate roads with brine before the storm to keep ice from bonding to the road.

TXDOT will also be treating major overpasses and select intersections to keep the ice from building up.

TXDOT officials are asking drivers and motorists to avoid driving in the winter weather and stay off the roads, where possible.

If you must travel, drive slow and leave plenty of room to stop. Motorists should accelerate and decelerate slowly and never slam on your brakes.

Lastly, if you are near a TXDOT work vehicle, officials are asking that you give them plenty of room to work as they will be spreading material that will crack your windshield and chip your paint. TXDOT is asking drivers to give workers 200 yards of cushion to protect yourself and the vehicle.

Workers with TXDOT will be working around the clock to keep the roads as clear as possible.

If you don't have to travel on Sunday, authorities are asking residents and drivers to stay home and off the roadways.

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