Hearing held for international fugitive wanted in London for murder

Hearing held for international fugitive wanted in London for murder

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Foyjur Rahman is the British man who is a suspect in a murder overseas, he fled to the U-S and ended up in Odessa. Monday another step was taken to determine his fate.

43-year-old Foyjur Rahman has been a suspect for a murder in London for nearly two decades. Rahman is believed to have been part of the murder of a 25-year-old man who was working as a delivery person for a restaurant. The victim was lured with a fake delivery and attacked by two masked men, he later died from the wounds.

According to court documents Rahman fled to the US shortly after the murder and opened his own shop, All Star PC inside Music City Mall in Odessa. That's where he was arrested less than two weeks ago by US Marshals. The arrest comes after an officer submitted a towel used by Rahman in 2013 and his DNA matched the one found in one of the masks.

After the arrest authorities in the UK are seeking an extradition. This means if Rahman is confirmed to be the person they're searching for he will be transported back to the UK and tried there.

In Monday's hearing Rahman signed a waiver of extradition. Here he confirmed he is the person who is being sought in the UK. He acknowledges there is probable cause to seek him for the murder and agrees to be transported to the UK for a trial. This does not mean Rahman is admitting guilt of the crime, he is simply acknowledging there is reason to believe he committed the crime.

Rahman will be transported once a date is set by both US Marshals and The Government of the United Kingdom. He will then be tried to determine if he will be sentenced or not.

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