Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Eseciel "Zeke" Uballe was killed after removing counterweight when a crane toppled him. Now his family has decided to sue the company he worked for.

John Cook, the family's attorney says, "We filed the lawsuit immediately and the reason for that is we want to get access to the scene as soon as possible,
before things are changed while there's still evidence in the area that helps us understand why this fatality occurred."

Included in the lawsuit is a temporary restraining order which asks the company to not disturb the scene, which helps the family of Zeke Uballe begin to
understand what happened that day.

"They want to know what happened and what killed Zeke. They want the people who are responsible for his death to be held accountable," says Cook.

After a lawsuit is filed, steps are taken to ensure proper documentation and evidence is investigated. In some cases, more action may be needed.

"Many times we'll meet with the other side in a settlement conference, we'll try to resolve the case, if that fails, then we'll pick twelve folks from Midland County to listen to the evidence and render a verdict and they'll tell us what it's worth," says Cook.

We reached out to Bison Trucking and they declined to comment.