Man Shot at Lenorah Post Office

Man Shot at Lenorah Post Office

MARTIN COUNTY, TX (KWES) - A man was shot in both arms at the post office in Lenorah earlier this month and has just recently been released from the hospital.. Now authorities are searching for those responsible.

On Dec. 5, the victim offered to take a woman home to Sweetwater at 3:30 in the morning. When he got to the meeting place, the woman wasn't there.
Instead he was greeted by two men in ski masks and a gun.

He was shot in both arms and left in his car. Martin County deputies responded to the scene and are investigating. 

"We are checking out multiple leads. We've been talking with people, not only in Martin County, but Howard County. We have been talking with people over in Colorado City and Sweetwater," said Earnest Wayfield, Chief Deputy of the Martin County Sheriff's Department.

Authorities are still looking in to whether the man was set up by the woman he was meeting, but they say he was not robbed.