Caught on Cam: Couple breaks into washing machine

Caught on Cam: Couple breaks into washing machine

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Odessa Crime Stoppers are on the lookout for a couple who tried to break into some washing machines at the Regency Square Apartments. After a few tries, the two came up empty-handed, but will still face criminal charges if convicted.

"She walks in, looks around and leaves," said Susan Rogers with Odessa Crimestoppers. "He comes in a few minutes later with a crowbar and he's trying to jimmy open the coin box on the machines."

It takes him a few minutes to open a machine. What happens next is a load of disappointment.

"When he finally gets into it, there is nothing in there," said Rogers. "They've made all the deposits for that day."

This guy would have been better off asking his mom for a quarter. But instead, he's going to have to face some criminal charges.

"Burglary of a coin operated machine," Rogers said. "Even though they didn't get anything out of it, they still tore it all up and they damaged several machines."

Unfortunately for these two, the tide has turned.

"Look at her clothes and the way her hair is done," said Rogers. "The things she's wearing is recognizable. And it looks like he may be wearing glasses."

If you have any information, give Odessa Crimestoppers a call at 432-333-TIPS. You will remain anonymous and you could receive a cash reward.

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