Illegal Racing Leads to Fatal Crash in Odessa Home

Illegal Racing Leads to Fatal Crash in Odessa Home

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - A car crashed into a home in the early morning hours on Wednesday and left one man dead and another behind bars. Neighbors in the area were on the scene quickly to assist the man in the crashed vehicle.

"I can still see the car sitting right there with him in there," said Ruben Valle.

Ruben Valle is one of the neighbors who heard the loud car crash and ran to help the driver, 19-year old Eddie Sotelo.

"Seeing smoke and smelling gas and not being able to see in to the vehicle is really scary," said Valle.

Thinking fast, Valle took action to prevent the car from catching fire.

"I saw gas under the car. I ran around to the drivers side. I grabbed the keys out of the ignition," said Valle.

That's when he saw the driver and realized there was nothing he could do.

"He didn't have no seatbelt on. The way his head was leaning over in the passenger seat. You could tell there was nothing there."

The crash happened all because Sotelo and 22-year-old Tyler Brooker were racing and lost control of their vehicles, sending Sotelo into the back of the house on the 3800 block of East University.

"They had to have been going 80 mph. They were going really fast."

Sotelo was pronounced dead at the scene. Brooker, the other driver, was not injured and was arrested and charged with racing causing death, a second degree felony, and driving while intoxicated.

"He could be facing 2 to 20 years," said Steve LeSueur of the Odessa Police Department.

Odessa police say they have had some issues with racing in the past and want to offer some advice to anyone thinking about racing on the roads.

"Slow down. It's not worth it. We see way too many people that get seriously hurt or die," said LeSueur.