Former Howard County Employee Receives Sentence

Former Howard County Employee Receives Sentence

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - Vanessa Olivas, the former Howard County employee who was arrested back in March, after stealing thousands of dollars, pleaded guilty of theft of over $20,000 and under $100,000 by a government official.

Howard County D.A. Hardy Wilkerson said, "After some negotiations and exchange of information, today she pleaded guilty to the offense of theft, over 20 thousand under 100 thousand by a government official, and she was sentenced to six years in prison."

According to Howard County District Attorney Hardy Wilkerson, the investigation concluded that Olivas would take receipts especially the cash ones and then give forms and registrations. Then go back and void or call what she did a tax exempt transaction, pocketing the physical cash. Aside from the theft charge, Olivas will still have to answer for the forgeries in Howard County, those are still pending.

"The Howard County forgeries, which were different matters and not related at all to this particular deal that was today, those are still open and pending and being investigated by the Big Spring Police Department," says Wilkerson.

Along with the pending forgery charges in Howard County, also Olivas faces other charges in Midland County stemming from her arrest last week.