Midland City Council Approves Ride Sharing Ordinance

Midland City Council Approves Ride Sharing Ordinance

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Ride-sharing companies, like Uber and Lyft, will see some changes in how they operate in Midland.

On Tuesday, the Midland City Council passed an ordinance on ride-sharing companies that had been delayed.

The city is requiring background checks on drivers.

Companies can do their own background checks, but they will have to provide a list of drivers to the city on a monthly basis.

Drivers will have to submit their driving records, the make and model of their car, and their mileage.

Cars nine-years or older with body damage, no working air conditioning or with less than four passenger seats will not be accepted.

Under the ordinance, the city council removed one restriction.

Drivers will now be able to pick up passengers at the airport.

You can see the full ordinance online at http://www.midlandtexas.gov.