Industrial Accident Kills Employee

Industrial Accident Kills Employee

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A man from Odessa was killed after an industrial accident in Midland this morning.

Sara Bustilloz Midland Public Information Officer says, "Midland Police Department arrived on scene to this industrial accident and found one male deceased. He was pinned by equipment and materials that were on scene. From what we can tell at this point in the investigation, there was a crane that was picking up counterweights off the 18-wheeler that the victim was driving and moving them to the other side of the crane. For unknown reasons the victim, was actually on the other side of the crane when it began to tip over and ultimately fell."

Eseciel Uballe, 58, was the victim in the accident. Crews worked to remove materials and equipment. Police suspect there was no foul play.

"From what we can tell at this point no foul play is involved but OSHA has been contacted and is on their way to do a separate investigation," says Bustilloz

When there is an accident like this, it's always important for all agencies to work together.

"A lot of times when you have these sorts of accidents the most important thing is to be working with the other agencies involved. In this case, we're working closely with OSHA and they will be doing the bulk of the investigation. Each accident is different but just working closely with the company itself, with OSHA, helps us figure out and get down to the bottom of what happened," said Bustilloz

No other injuries were reported.