$700,000 Needed to Continue Downtown Development

$700,000 Needed to Continue Downtown Development

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Revitalizing downtown might cost the City of Midland a bit more than they anticipated.

The project now lies in the hands of the council members.

All that's left of the "Old Courthouse" is rubble but before the cleanup begins council members need to approve a couple hundred thousand dollars since a contingency was not included in the initial budget.

The City of Midland will request $700,000 from council members tomorrow.

Public Information Officer Sara Bustilloz says more work is needed and it  comes with additional fees.

"The courthouse being a very old building with some anticipated things we found along the way having to deal with that, the land fill hauling fees, so in a way that's going to be paid back to a city department, that'll go to solid waste and some of that additional money is getting that site ready for development," said Bustilloz.

The demolition began as a plan to revitalize downtown. The Errington properties were bundled up in this demolition plan with the hope to establish the Santa Rita Hotel along with other developing projects.

Council members will make a decision on the funds during tomorrow's city council meeting. We are told they can fund the full amount or make different decisions.