Fire Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

Fire Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

It's that time of year that many people are decorating for the holiday season, but fire safety often gets overlooked. The Odessa Fire Marshall's office is reminding everyone why it's so important to follow just a few simple fire safety tips this holiday season. NewsWest 9 found one local family who's yard was full of decorations that go up in lights. So we wanted to find out how they make sure everything is safe.

"Well when we put our decorations up we typically just look for, make sure our extensions cords haven't been cut, and then I try to make sure that I don't have everything plugged into one particular outlet," said Jim Livesay.

That's exactly what officials say you should do. At the top of their list is checking for frayed wires, gaps in the insulation, excessive wear and tear, and of course, too many things plugged into one outlet. There's one other very simple thing everyone should do to ensure fire safety.

"I think fire safety is a big part of it. Safety first of all. Make sure all your smoke alarms or fire detectors get checked. We have ours checked every six months," said Livesay.

It's not just the outdoor decorations that you need to keep in mind. Indoor holiday decor can also cause a fire hazard.

"Well we try to keep the tree away from the fireplace and then we try to make sure that like the, for instance, the stockings, move them down where there not as close up to the fireplace," said Livesay.

So keep your family safe this holiday season by following these fire safety tips.

"It's a good time of year and we don't want, you know, we want to enjoy these holidays with our friends and families to make sure that everybody is safe," said Livesay.