Truck Reliever Route in Andrews Reopens

Truck Reliever Route in Andrews Reopens

ANDREWS, TX (KWES) - The Reliever Route in Andrews will be reopening tomorrow making driving easier on truck drivers and residents.

Andrews City Manager, Glen Hackler says, "Loop 1910 is going to be opening this Friday. We'll have kind of a soft opening, start removing the barricades and we'll actually do the enforcement of trucks being required to take the loop on Saturday morning."

After opening the route two years ago leading to issues last year, this time around contractors went in a different direction when designing the route.

"The new design is extremely robust, significantly different from the initial design. it's a great ride a very smooth ride for passengers and trucks alike. What we committed to with our city council and with our citizens was to do this very well and right," says Hackler

The truck drivers who actually have to use the route see opening it as a positive.

Local truck driver Andrew Moreno says, "Well it will be a direct route all the way around town and not having to go through traffic and dealing with the lights. It will be a lot easier on everybody, there won't be so much congestion in downtown for people here."

The cost between the construction and reconstruction of the route was approximately $25 million dollars.