Evacuated Residents of Oil Well Blowout Not Happy

Evacuated Residents of Oil Well Blowout Not Happy

Hundreds of people are still not able to return home after a gas explosion near Seminole Tuesday morning. Nearly 500 people are displaced. NewsWest 9 was at a press conference held Wednesday afternoon where those people were hoping to get answers. "The hot zone", that's what officials are calling the area where the dangerous hydrogen sulfide gas is. In that hot zone there are homes that 498 people cannot return to. Now they've been forced to search for shelter. Residents were evacuated because of the deadly hydrogen sulfide that is leaking. Those evacuated residents say they're upset with the lack of information they've been given.

"No one knows what is going on. It's a nightmare."

A press conference was held Wednesday evening where a representative for the oil company talked to the concerned victims. Many people we talked to said they are very disappointed with what they were told.

"Then they give us a lot of run-around. A lot of people ask questions. He kept saying 'they're going to address it.'"

The nearly 500 people evacuated still have no idea how long it will be until they can return home. A representative for the oil company told us that's quote "Depending on how fast the gas dissipates, possibly through Monday".

In the meantime, evacuated residents have been forced to find a place a stay, but that's not their only worry.

"I just hope that somebody will come and compensate everybody the way they should."

A representative for the oil company told us that there are 62 hotel rooms in Andrews that have been designated for the displaced people. There is a full service shelter that has been set up at 601 South Avenue B in Seminole. There is a 1-800 hotline is in the process of being set up. We still do not know how long this evacuation will be in place.