Downtown Odessa Looks To Grow

Downtown Odessa Looks To Grow

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Agendas were passed at the City Council meeting in Odessa but one unanimous decision passed by the council could possibly give downtown Odessa a face lift in the future.

Gloria Hernandez Downtown Odessa Director says, "Downtown Odessa Inc. is going to partner in the New Year with Gateway Planning Group, hire them and enter an agreement with them for a six month contract to create and develop a master plan for downtown. We also want to create some arts district, in downtown and an entertainment district so we're looking at the creation and implementation of districts within downtown to bring more people out."

The possible expansion of downtown Odessa helps grow arts and entertainment but everyone who works and lives in there as well.

"We have a great and very strong workforce population in downtown Odessa with our medical centers both located in downtown as well as government offices and buildings within downtown so we have a captive audience," says Hernandez

The agenda passing allows Downtown Odessa Inc. and Gateway Planning Group the ability to get started on what they hope to be an economic development for downtown Odessa.

"Downtown being the mecca for people to come back and always find something to do in downtown, so it's really just the start of a phased process to really focus on economic development in downtown Odessa," said Hernandez

The two groups hope to adopt the model of work, live, and play for downtown Odessa.