E.C.I.S.D Work Study Meeting

The Ector County School District Board of Trustees held a work study meeting tonight.

The school board received an update on their highly qualified teacher status from Director of State & Federal Programs, Julia Willett.

According to the report, as of September, the district employed 1,693 core teachers.

Willett reported that 1, 544 of those teachers, or 91.2%, met the federal government's highly qualified teacher status.

She also said 100% of the school district's instructional aides met it.

According to federal standards, all teachers must meet the highly qualified status.

School board members also discussed a property on West 2nd street they approved buying for teacher housing.

A contract to buy the property has been drafted and inspections have been scheduled.

The asking price for the property is $3.1 million dollars.

The board also wants to set aside $300,000 dollars for any repairs and improvements.

A tentative closing date has been set for January 15, 2016.