Parents Say MISD Bus Stop is Very Dangerous

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - There's a bus stop for MISD students that has parents worried. They're speaking out about the dangerous area in hopes for change. Kindergarten aged children are walking along a very busy road to get to their bus stop. It's at the intersection of this service road that's off of I-20. That has many parents concerned for their safety.

"It's not safe for these children. At all," said concerned parent April Hernandez.

Several parents are worried about where the bus stop is now. They say the high volume of traffic makes the area very dangerous.

"There's too many cars driving fast. Too many 18-wheelers. We have the construction going on. We have people coming off of highway 20."

That concerned parent says she has seen first hand how dangerous it is near the bus stop.

"Kids almost got ran over."

"It's not a safe place. They had another place over there at the mailbox stop."

She says after the Thanksgiving holiday, the bus stop was re-located to a busier and more dangerous spot. She told us she has reached out to the Midland school district, but isn't happy with the response.

"If you're going to be short on drivers, you still have to think about the children. Are they going to be safe?"

"The weather is getting bad and it's going to get worse. All these children walking home, it's not good."