Mother Says Corporal Punishment Was Used On Her Son Without Permission

Mother Says Corporal Punishment Was Used On Her Son Without Permission

ECTOR COUNTY, TX (KWES) - A mother is furious after her son was spanked with a paddle by an Ector County Junior High employee without her permission, that left him bruised and in pain.

A 12-year-old boy was allegedly disciplined using corporal punishment by Ector County Junior High School without his mother's permission.

His mother says before the Thanksgiving break a student placed glue on a substitute teacher's chair. When the entire class started laughing she wrote down all of the students' names, including her son.

Monday the student was given a referral and had the choice to receive "swats" with the parent's approval or in school suspension for two days. The student chose the swats but his mother says, she was never notified.

The mother, who chose to remain anonymous says, "Ector County says you have to notify the parent. Whether it's before or after. Right now it is Thursday, this happened Tuesday. It has been more than 48 hours, I still have not gotten a letter by mail, I have not gotten a phone call from anyone from Ector Middle School saying, 'your son was swatted.'"

The mother says this was a necessary action after seeing the marks on her son.

The mother described the moment her son showed her his bruising, "He came in and said, 'No wonder it hurts me mom.' I asked, 'What?' and when he showed me his bottom I can pretty much say I lost it. When I say I lost it I mean emotionally, physically. My son is very little and I had to get down to see. I started crying because I felt like I didn't protect my son, why didn't I go to the school earlier?"

The mother says she believes in corporal punishment but she says this was more than that, "He's played football, he's had bruises, and he's gotten over the pain. He can shake it off, but this man beat my son to an extent that does not go with me and it shouldn't go with any parent."

Odessa Police Department has confirmed the mother filed a police report Tuesday night. No arrests have been made and the investigation continues.