Acid Leak In Midland

Acid Leak In Midland

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Hazmat crews were called out to Aus-Mex on Highway 80, after someone noticed the leak of Hydrochloric acid.

Aus-Mex makes tortillas and we're told the acid leaked out in front of the business. The Hazmat crew put out a mixture on the ground to absorb it. They say it's similar to dirt and kitty litter mixture. We're told hundred of gallons spilled out. Businesses around Aus-Mex were evacuated and we're told no one was hurt.

District Fire Chief, Patrick Repman tells NewsWest 9, "We've heard that it could be anywhere from two hundred to three hundred gallons [leaked].

The main thing is that it's on the pavement and it's in the soil, and you can basically see the bubbling and what it is that it's going to remain there and if you were to touch it or get exposed to it on your skin of course you're going to feel the burn from the acid."

Authorities haven't said whether Aus-Mex will be facing any fines for the leak.