2 Shootings in 3 Days at Local Gas Station in Midland

2 Shootings in 3 Days at Local Gas Station in Midland

MIDLAND COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Scary moments for employees of a local gas station in Midland County. Back to back shootings aimed inside the store and the gunman is still on the loose. Shattered glass still covers the floor at the Speed Way Gas station off of Highway 80. There's been two shootings in just three days and now the owner is searching for answers.

"I think it's the same person because they are in the same area," said Nainy Singh, the owner of Speed Way Gas.

Two shootings practically back to back. But on both nights, the bullets came through the stores glass in almost the same exact spot. No one was shot but Tuesday night's shooting left one customer with injuries.

"He was just right in front of there and when the shooting happened, all of the glass broke on his face. He was bleeding and everything," said Singh.

The first shooting took place on Sunday night, and then just two nights later, another shooting. One employee who was inside the store when shots were fired told NewsWest9 about her close call.

"We kind of heard a loud bang. It kind of actually came real close to me. If I wouldn't have moved a little bit, I mean, I kind of felt it," said Chris Robles, an employee at Speed Way Gas.

Now, the owner wants the gunman caught so his employees can feel safe again.

"These past few days have been kind of crazy. I'm kind of scared to come to work. It's pretty scary," said Robles.

"They are scared. One of my employee's already quit. I don't know if the rest will stay here or not because they are scared. Nobody wants to work at night. I have to work alone," said Singh.

The owner of the gas station and his employee's said they can't imagine who would target the store.

"Everybody's friendly. You know, we don't have any problems with any customers or anything like that. So yeah, kind of surprising," said Robles.

If you have any information on these shootings, you're urged to call the Midland County Sheriff's Department.