Date for Howard College Rollback Election Set

Date for Howard College Rollback Election Set

HOWARD COUNTY, TX (KWES) - A date has been set for a rollback election for Howard College's new tax.

College officials tell NewsWest9, the election will be held on January 19.

Early voting will start on January 4.

After the state cut its funding, Howard College hiked its rate to 25 cents.

Some people weren't happy and put a petition together.

They got enough signatures to put it to a vote.

Voters will now have to decide whether or not to keep the new tax rate.

Howard College's President says if this election is successful for petitioners then the tax rate would come down to 23 cents and the college would lose money.

The college has started holding meetings for taxpayers to learn more about their decision to raise the rate.

They're providing information on their budget and funding along with taking feedback and answering their questions.

Click here for a for a list of the times and places.