Ramps Proposed for Interstate 20 In Midland

Ramps Proposed for Interstate 20 In Midland

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Local residents and transportation partners came together on Tuesday night to come up with a plan to decrease backup along I-20, Loop 250 and FM 1788. Their solution is possible ramps to make driving easier.

Gene Powell with the Texas Department of Transportation says, "We believe that this project will help relieve some of the freight congestion at Loop 250 and FM 1788 because right now you have to get on the service road at one of those two places and go all the way down to County Road 1250."

After original plans on where to put the ramps didn't fit schematically, the meeting was held to start a new dialogue on where the new location would be.

"The meeting tonight is all about where is the best place to put those ramps the original schematic looked at access Airport Road and Scharbauer Drive but now Scharbauer doesn't go all the way through so it doesn't make sense necessarily to put one there and 1250 is kind of like in between. So putting one that serves maybe 1250 and Airport Road is part of the conversation. It's not a done deal that's why we're having the meeting to have some people let us know what they think," says Powell.

Starting the process for the ramps won't be easy and with the project hoping to start in 2017, it isn't all easy riding.

"Anytime you want to make a ramp on the interstate, the F-H-W-A has to approve it. We got that approval first back in 2000 but but since eight years have passed, we have to get a re-evaluation and that's what this process is," says Powell.

With projects like these, Powell and others express gratitude and preach patience.

"It just takes some time and please be patient with us while our contractors are out there working because we want people to be safe. Things will get better," said Powell.

There is construction going on right now on Loop 250 on the west side of Midland. It started six weeks ago and will continue for the next eleven months and with a few more projects down the road, it looks like traffic in Midland will hopefully be getting a little more efficient.