Popular Lamesa Attraction Destroyed By Fire

Popular Lamesa Attraction Destroyed By Fire

LAMESA, TX (KWES) - Sky-Vue Drive-In Theatre's concession stand was destroyed by a fire Friday morning.

The Drive-In has been under the same management for over 35 years but has been opened for 67 years making it a loved landmark for many Lamesa residents.

Over a phone conversation with Sky-Vue Owner, Sam Kirkland he tells NewsWest 9 he was devastated when a fire started in the kitchen. Kirkland was inside and the fire became too large for him to contain with fire extinguishers and at that time, he had to find a way to safety.

Lamesa Firefighter Alvin Jarrett tells NewsWest 9, "The call came in mid-morning of a structure fire at the Lamesa Sky-Vue, upon arrival we had heavy smoke coming out of the structure."

Another firefighter on the scene, Chris Gonzales recalls what the scene looked like, "Going in we saw black smoke, pitch black, couldn't really see anything. We made it through the front door and we saw a flame in the back corner towards the kitchen and from there we saw the damage."

The Drive-In's concession stand was declared a total loss and Kirkland says him and his wife are unsure if they will rebuild and open again.

Residents like Firefighter Alvin Jarrett say it's much more than a theater and want to continue to support the Kirkland family, "The drive in has been in this community for as long as I've been alive. I've been there many times so it's a backdrop of this community."

Due to the damages to the concession stand, Sky-Vue Drive-In Theatre will remain closed until further notice.