Odessa Man Named Hometown Hero

Odessa Man Named Hometown Hero

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Junior Barrientes is being labeled a hometown hero by the city of Odessa. He was honored by City Council and by Odessa Fire and Rescue for helping a disabled woman out of her burning home.

"This community is very blessed to have people just like Junior Barrientes, who are willing to get involved and willing to do something beyond what is the normal everyday activity that they do to help someone else," said Chief Roger Boyd of Odessa Fire and Rescue.

Earlier this month, Barrientes, who is a utility worker, was making a delivery when he saw two men attempting to put out a fire with a hose. Having worked as a volunteer firefighter for seven years, he went over to help out and that is when he learned that there was a woman stuck inside the house.

Barrientes thought on his feet and made the decision to go through the flames to save the 64-year-old woman, who was stuck in a room of thick smoke in her wheelchair.

Although his award regards him as hero, Barrientes remains humble about his act of kindness. He says he is thankful for Odessa firefighters who put their lives on the line every day.

"That day I didn't know if I was going home to mine like they do every day. Something happens, they fall through a roof or something. Not knowing if they are going to go home," said Barrientes.

When asked if he would risk his life again for a stranger, his answer is simple.

"Yes, at anytime. Anytime I would do it," said Barrientes.