Salvation Army Provides Thanksgiving Meals For Less Fortunate

Salvation Army Provides Thanksgiving Meals For Less Fortunate

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The Salvation Army helps those in need year round but on days like thanksgiving they understand the importance of keeping the same people in holiday spirit.

Many people who are helped by the Salvation Army are in need of a home or simply need help getting back on their feet.

This year the Salvation Army served over 100 thanksgiving meals with the help of more than 50 volunteers.

Midland Salvation Army Corps Officer, Major Tex Ellis, "A lot of the folks we see on Thanksgiving, we see on a regular basis. We serve three meals a day here in Midland everyday. Obviously thanksgiving is a day that people stop and think about family and friends about life and what they have to be thankful for. Some folks just come in to help serve and to sit down and talk with the folks who come through our doors."

Many volunteers choose to start a young age, like Britton Boyce who says, "When the people came in I asked them if they wanted anything to drink and if they wanted tea I would get them the tea or I would get them orange punch or fruit punch."

Other volunteers like Sisters Fry and Muir want to emphasize the importance of family, especially during the holidays.

Sister Muir says, "The holidays are family oriented, I think. Having a place to come where people show them love like their family might I think that means a lot to them."

More volunteers are still needed for the rest of the holiday season. If you are interested in giving your time call 432-638-3614.