Holiday Travel to Increase Through Thanksgiving

Holiday Travel to Increase Through Thanksgiving

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The day before Thanksgiving is one of the busiest days for holiday travels and it isn't any different at the Midland International Air and Space Port.

According to Trip Advisor, 80% of Americans will be spending Thanksgiving with their family and 35% of these people will have to fly to do so.

Deputy Director of Airports, Justin Millican, tells NewsWest 9, "Today (Wednesday) is another busy day, obviously the traffic is picking up a little bit more. We have people coming in, getting ready to leave for the Thanksgiving holiday. So today (Wednesday), we'll see a lot more traffic coming in."

Many travelers aren't expecting anything less than a busy airport.

Holiday traveler, Garrett Burroughs says, "Definitely expecting a full flight especially during the holidays."

"Surprisingly I left this morning out of Dallas and it was very quiet. The roadways were quiet and the airport was like another typical travel day, so I was pleasantly surprised," says traveler John Melnick.

According to Trip Advisor, another busy day for travel is the Sunday after Thanksgiving when the majority of travelers will be returning home.

Both Melnick and Burroughs tell NewsWest 9, they are both planning on traveling back home Sunday.

Those who are flying to spend time with their loved ones want to pay extra attention to these tips.

"Usually we're a little bit slower here but during the holiday season it definitely picks up and there's not as much time to get here and go through security as what people are used to," says Millican.

Airport officials say, no matter how you are traveling the best thing you can do is budget for extra time.