Mother With Autistic Child on Flight Gets Kind Letter From a Stranger

Mother With Autistic Child on Flight Gets Kind Letter From a Stranger

After a flight with her autistic daughter, a local woman was given a kind and encouraging note written by a stranger. That stranger handed the note off to a flight attendant so she would be anonymous. The mother has been searching for the woman who wrote the note and finally found her.

It was a short but stressful flight for Jenai Bacon. She was worried the other passengers were annoyed by her autistic daughter's behavior, but as soon as she got off the plane, she was surprised with the support of a complete stranger.

"We were on the flight and Calista became antsy and she was starting to thrown tantrums," said mother, Jenai Bacon, said.

As she and her daughter got off the plane, a flight attendant handed her a kind and generous letter from another passenger.

"I was shocked. I was, oh my gosh, trying to hold back tears and I'm still trying to do that now," said Bacon.

It expressed great support and complimented her on being a 'wonderful mother with a lot of patience' but there was no signature or name on the letter. The mother searched for woman who wrote the letter that touched her and finally found her.

"I been trying to find the person who wrote this letter so I can personally thank her for the kind words that she said because she has no idea what it means to me and my family," said Bacon.

She spoke with the woman who wrote the note for the first time on Thursday and expressed her gratitude. In the letter, the writer also said, 'I wish I could give you more than a letter but I hope this brightens your day a little'.

Bacon said that's what touched her most, she says that's because the writer doesn't know that it was more than just a letter to her and it did more than brighten her day a little. She's now passing along the kind words in the letter to other parents of special needs children.

"My message is never give up," said Bacon.

Jenai wants to thank everyone who helped her find her.