Ector County Library Burglar Arrested

Ector County Library Burglar Arrested


An Odessa man is facing charges for stealing more than $100 worth of valuables from a local library and it was all caught on surveillance footage.

Someone broke into the Ector County Public Library Saturday night around 10 p.m. Library Director, Rebecca Taylor, says the suspect fled with their vault and coin-op machine.

"Someone broke into the patio door and came in, went looking for cash and he broke into our vault. I don't know how he did that. He pulled it out of the wall and took it with him and he also stole one of the coin-ops from the computer lab which serves the computer patrons, to make their copies, their printouts," said Taylor.

She says there have been minor incidents at the library in the past.

"Every now and again we have maybe a fight or a disagreement but that's about it," said Taylor.

This is the first time the Ector County Public Library has been burglarized. Authorities identified Rene Reyes as the suspect caught breaking into the library on surveillance camera. He appeared to know exactly where the safe was, leading library directors to believe he had been a frequent visitor.

But Taylor says, even after this scare, they still welcome everybody and don't have plans to turn anyone away from the library.

"Absolutely not. If you're down on your luck on the streets. You're no less a citizen of the state and of the country other than anybody else. We don't ask if you're homeless or not homeless. If you have proper ID, you can have access to the library because it is a free library," said Taylor.

According to the Ector County Sheriff’s Office, Reyes was arrested Tuesday morning and is facing several charges including burglary.