Local Restaurant is Broken Into Twice costing Owners more than $1500

Local Restaurant is Broken Into Twice costing Owners more than $1500

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A restaurant owner in Midland says her business was broken into over night, telling NewsWest 9 this is not the first time it has happened.

Valeria's Restaurant, in Midland, was broken into for the second time last night, this according to business owners.

"There was a mess the gumball machines were all broken, the back door was broken and papers were everywhere," said Marily Guzman, Daughter of Elizabeth Madrid, business owner. "Everything was all over the place," said Guzman.

Owners say they took precautions after the first theft, adding the individual responsible took extreme measures to take their groceries and only 50 dollars.

"There's a back door, its kind of a doggy door I guess, and they came in through there," said Guzman. "They made it a little bigger, it's not that big so I don't know how they got everything out through there, it was the only way in. I hope you guys were hungry or you really needed it because I don't know why else, I mean what are you going to do with it?" said Guzman.

Owners did tell us their loss has been an estimated $1500 total in both incident, explaining this now leads to a whole new level of security.

"It's a lot because we're already in a hard time, we don't have much," said Guzman. "I am definitely going to get some cameras and put them up as well as an alarm sensor."

However, they did send this message out to the individual who broke in.

"I mean if you guys need food please ask because we do have people that come daily and we gladly give them food," said Guzman. "We do it every single day, we don't mind." She also said, "If you're going to rob me, do it when I'm here. I'll give you the money because it cost me more to fix what you broke than the money you're taking."

Owners of Valeria's Restaurant also told us they have filed a police report hoping they can help find the individual responsible.