Smart Parent Program Adopted to Keep Parents In Line at Youth Sporting Events

Smart Parent Program Adopted to Keep Parents In Line at Youth Sporting Events

The Odessa Parks and Recreation Department is working to create a safer and more positive environment for sporting activities. We've all heard about the parents that get a little out of hand at youth sporting events. That's why the Smart Parent Program was created by the Texas Amateur Athletic Federation and now the city of Odessa is adopting that same effort.

"We want a safe environment with all of the participants. We want a family friendly atmosphere in our park system and it's very important that we take certain situations serious," said Steve Patton, Director of the Odessa Parks and Recreation Department.

Odessa is now among many cities participating in the smart parent program.

"The Smart Parent Program is a program that we've been looking at for about eight to ten years. It's a very successful program. It was implemented first in El Paso and now Roundrock and several other cities in Texas have got this program," said Patton.

It's a program designed to create a positive attitude among spectator and participants at youth sporting events.

"The intention of the program is to create a positive sporting environment within our facilities here in Odessa. It's a proactive approach that we're trying to implement to make sure that's it's positive reinforcement for the participants of all of our sports," said Patton.

The Odessa Parks and Recreation Department says it's important that parents and coaches do not get out of hand at youth sporting events.

"The people that are attending the sports events, that they are reminded that good behavior is and needs to be practiced and is reinforcement to the children that are participating in the sports," said Patton.

They say this program has been proven to help prevent problems on the field. Now parents will be required to participate in the training on proper etiquette and behavior at youth sporting events.

"We've been looking at it for a long time and the decrease of in the number of problems with the spectators and the coaches and disputes and problems that other cities have had, it's almost been eliminated with this program," said Patton.