Labor & Delivery Wing at Medical Center Hospital Re-Opening After Fire

Labor & Delivery Wing at Medical Center Hospital Re-Opening After Fire

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - A little more than a month ago a fire broke out near the labor and delivery wing at Medical Center Hospital. Now they are finally re-opening. Existing patients are already back at Medical Center Hospital, but this Monday, the labor and delivery wing will be re-opened to everyone. NewsWest 9 talked with one mother who, when the fire happened, had just given birth to a preemie that weighed just one pound when they had to be evacuated and she was separated from her newborn son.

"It was very scary. Just trying to figure out where he was and what was going on. But they relayed the message to me, that he got moved to the other hospital," said Kimberly Scroggins about her newborn Kasper.

Thankfully no one was hurt when the blaze broke out near the labor and delivery wing, but it was a challenge to get mothers and newborns out safely.

"Really do to the quick thinking of our staff, we were able to evacuate the patients very quickly on the day of the fire," said Bill Webster, President and CEO of Medical Center Hospital.

"Everything went really good. They let me know where he was at and that I could go be with him," said Scroggins.

Now that the wing that was damaged by the blaze is ready to be re-opened, Scroggins and baby Kasper are back at Medical Center Hospital.

"You know, I have to make sure that he got moved back because I wanted him back over here to MCH," said Scroggins.

It's been five weeks since the fire, and crews have been working night and day to get the labor and delivery wing back open.

"Since that time we've had great help from outside contractors to get the building back in tip top shape so we're ready to go," said Webster.

Medical Center Hospital made sure the fire didn't affect any jobs.

"We made sure that our nurses, this was certainly no fault to theirs, that no one lost a penny out of this so we made sure that our nurses were taken care of," said Webster.