9 Things to Know: Trevor Tankersley

9 Things to Know: Trevor Tankersley

1. My first TV job was as a sports reporter in Laredo, Texas.

2. I met my wife, Melissa, at the station I worked at in Laredo.

3. Our first child, Tristan, was born in February of 2015.

4. I could not live without mexican food!

5. My favorite places to vacation are Las Vegas & Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

6. I have a pet yorkie named "Baby."

7. My favorite types of music are classic rock and hair metal. Can't forget about 80s & 90s country either!

8. I love to play a round of golf on the weekends (I'm not great, but have actually hit a real hole-in one!)

9. I've dealt with a serious case of OCD since I was a child.