Austin Animal Activists Meet With Big Spring City Leaders

Austin Animal Activists Meet With Big Spring City Leaders

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - Animal activists from Austin met with Big Spring city leaders on Wednesday. They're concerned with how the shelter operates and now they're asking for change.

"We're here to meet with the mayor and tour the animal shelter and discuss improvements that can be made to the city's animal shelter," said Lorri Michel, an animal rights activist from Austin.

The animal rights activist and city leaders had a closed session meeting to talk about their concerns.

"Our biggest concern is just increasing the life outcomes for homeless pets here in Big Spring," said Michel.

The animal rights activist told NewsWest9, city leaders seem to be willing to work them on their proposals.

"Getting a commitment from the mayor and the city council to implement procedures that are proven to increase in adoptions and generally just better practices to help our homeless pets," said Michel.

The animal rights activists got what they came to Big Spring for. They say the city council has committed to adopting their resolution and the meeting was very positive.

"We're optimistic that the mayor and the city council will want to join the other cities in Texas who have improved the lives of homeless pets and have actually ended the killing of homeless pets," said Michel.

They say the community will need to help to make their goals a reality. They're confident that there will be better hours at the shelter, communications with local rescues and applying for grants will soon be a reality.

"Well, we have the road map. We have been through this process in Austin and so we have the road map and we know what ending the killing of homeless pets entails. It's not a very complicated road map. There's just some simple basic procedures that need to be implemented," said Michel.

The animal rights activists hope that they will soon see an outpouring of community support through volunteer programs that will soon be open to the public.