Bowie 7th Grader Could Face Criminal Charges for "Death List"

Bowie 7th Grader Could Face Criminal Charges for "Death List"

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - A seventh grader accused of authoring a chilling document titled "Death List" was placed at an alternative campus and could face criminal charges, Ector County Independent School District officials said.

The unidentified boy and all seven people on the alleged hit list are students at Bowie Middle School, according to district spokesman Mike Adkins.

"A teacher found the list on Friday afternoon," he confirmed Tuesday. "The seventh grader involved said it was a joke but, as you well know, that is not something that will ever be taken as a joke."

Any threat against other students leads to mandatory placement at the Alternative Education Center, according to the district's student handbook.

"Further discipline could be coming," Adkins added. "It is still being determined if the student will face criminal charges."

He declined to answer questions about where the death list was found and whether or not it mentioned any weapons.

The Bowie Middle School principal and assistant principals reached out Monday morning to the parents of all eight students involved - the seven named on the list and the one accused of writing it - to explain the situation and answer questions, administrators said.

"They had everybody come in individually and explained what had happened," Adkins told NewsWest 9. "There was a time in history where a student could get away with something like that and say it was just a joke... [but] that's not this point in history."