UTPB Under Discussion Of Increasing Tuition

UTPB Under Discussion Of Increasing Tuition

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The University of Texas of the Permian Basin has a current tuition of just over $2,600 but they are discussing possible increases of up to 10%. President of UTPB, Dr. David Watts says that high of an increase is unlikely but they are in the need of more funds.

"If we were to increase tuition from what is today to say by 5% that would be about a $70 increase per semester. A very modest increase but when we add that $70 over thousands of students it makes it possible for us to do more for our students," says Watts.

According to Dr. Watts a 5% tuition increase would be friendly on student's budgets but significant enough to make a difference. This extra funding would contribute to hiring more faculty and would also help with the upkeep of the university.

UTPB has been recognized by economist magazine as the best quality of education for the value in the state of Texas, with the 5% increase the university would remain the lowest tuition in the state

Dr. Watts tells us, "Our number one priority is serving students. If we do a good job with that, this is the outcome. We would like our students to get out of here in not four years, but in three years. So they can go out, earn a full living, and enjoy life after graduation."

This proposal to increase tuition is not final and is still under discussion, the committee is holding a meeting November 18 to discuss the possibility of increasing tuition.