Local Boutique Robbed

Local Boutique Robbed

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A local Midland business that has been open and operating for over 10 years is the latest target for burglars. Sandra's Boutique was closed on a Monday, for the first time ever. They were unable to open because of the damages made to the building early Sunday morning.

Owner Sandra Ibarra, "I was out of town, vacationing with my family, and I received a message from the alarm. The motioned detector detected motion inside and I thought maybe something is moving inside, like a balloon, but when I realized that something was wrong is when someone opened and closed the door. So the alarm made the call to the police."

The burglar climbed inside of Sandra's Boutique using the air ducts causing over $2,000 of damages to the property. Security footage shows the intruder packing away clothes, jewelry, and emptying the cash register estimating a loss of over $1,000.

A police report has been filed and the according to Sandra, the burglar left a trail of finger prints that authorities are investigating.

"Sandra is not worried about the damages or the physical loss she wants this person to be held responsible and stop him from doing it again.
We work a lot to have this business, we don't get anything for free. We work hard, so hard, and it's not fair," says Ibarra.