Dog Shot Several Times, Fighting for Life

Dog Shot Several Times, Fighting for Life

Photos and videos of an injured dog went viral after it was found covered in blood Saturday morning on the side of South Loop 338.

X-rays later confirmed it had suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

A local rescue organization, West Texas Diamonds in the Ruff, rushed to the pup's aid.

"Somebody has just set the dog, after it had been shot, in the tote bucket and left it out there to die," said adoption coordinator Charlene Beauchamp. "It was in a plastic tote bucket and the dog was crying in pain and covered in blood. They've started her on IV's. They gave her blood Saturday when she got to the vet. They've started her on steroids and antibiotics."

The rescue group named the dog "Cricket," she added.

According to Beauchamp, the abused pup is "one of many" abandoned animals they've found with gunshot wounds.

"[I am] disgusted with people that would do something like that," she said. "I don't understand how a human can injure an animal such as that right there and leave it out there to just suffer in misery until it dies."

A medical team at A to Z Veterinarian Clinic is now working to stabilize Cricket and control the possible spread of infection.

It's unknown how long the dog may live.