Nextdoor App Helping Neighbors Spread the Word About Theft

Nextdoor App Helping Neighbors Spread the Word About Theft

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Odessans are using the Nextdoor app to warn their neighbors about ongoing theft. The app was adopted by the Odessa Police Department to help neighbors communicate about crime. NewsWest 9 talked with residents of one Odessa neighborhood who said robberies and burglaries are happening more and more often. The Odessa Police Department is encouraging everyone to use the Nextdoor app to help spread the word about theft.

"People want to know what's happening in their neighborhoods. So it's been a great thing," said Steve LeSueur with the Odessa Police Department.

With the Nextdoor app, neighbors can communicate and let each other know about any crime or concerns. The Odessa Police Department is happy so many residents are using the Nextdoor app.

"Oh absolutely. We've received a tremendous amount of feedback from it. I believe we already have several thousand people that are currently subscribed to nextdoor," said LeSueur.

It's not just for neighbor to neighbor communication. You can also subscribe to alerts that will come directly from the Odessa Police Department.

"Well I'll tell you right now it's great. We've been able to communicate directly with the citizens of Odessa through Nextdoor," said LeSueur.

Posting any crime you observe in your neighborhood is greatly helpful but authorities say it's important to still report your concerns with police.

"I mean if there is suspicious activity or tips that people receive in their neighborhood, it's very important that they contact us," said LeSueur.