Citizens Arrest Man Who Tried to Steal Items From Odessa Business

Citizens Arrest Man Who Tried to Steal Items From Odessa Business

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Odessa residents seem to be coming together to help the police department when they're not around.

A man was arrested at the Auto Zone off 8th Street in Odessa in broad daylight by normal citizens.

Police say Jose Ayala started leaving Auto Zone with unpaid merchandise valued at approximately $175. When he started walking out the door, there were a couple of customers inside that chose to speak up.

"When [the citizen] confronted him about it, I believe he began leaving the scene. At which point a couple of customers jumped in and held the subject down until police arrived on scene," said Communications Officer, Corporal Steve LeSueur with the Odessa Police Department.

Police say, Ayala initially gave Odessa Police false information in attempts to hide his identity. After some investigation, OPD learned this was not Ayala's first offense.

LeSueur says, "Investigation revealed that Ayala had three prior convictions for theft of property, which enhanced the charge to a felony."

Ayala is not believed to have been armed at the time and did not pose a threat to the citizens who detained him.

This is the second citizens arrest made in the past few weeks in Odessa.

Odessa Police Department does want to remind people that a citizen's arrest can be a dangerous situation, they would like people to be cautious and not to do it alone.