Midland Man Accused of Endangering a Child

Midland Man Accused of Endangering a Child


Having drugs while watching children led to a Midland man's arrest.

The report says Nacomas Sauls, 40, was at a home near Sam Houston Elementary School.

He was watching four children while their parents were out running errands.

A woman found the children in only diapers walking in the alley near the home.

They showed the woman where they live and she found Sauls asleep on the couch with the front door open.

When the parents got there, they allowed officers to check on the children.

They found Sauls on the couch with an ashtray next to him and in the ashtray was Cigarillo.

A Cigarillo is essentially a small cigar but police say the tobacco had been taken out and replaced with marijuana.

They also found a straw with a substance that turned out to be cocaine.

Sauls is charged with endangering a child and for having a controlled substance in a drug free zone.