First Freeze of the Season

First Freeze of the Season

A big cold front made its way across west Texas on Wednesday. It's the first freeze of the season. It was a beautiful day but temperatures dropped into the night. If you were outside you probably noticed it was really windy all day and you could definitely feel the chill. NewsWest 9 talked with the local Salvation Army in Midland to find out how they prepare for this time of year.

"Once it does gets into the colder temperatures you'll see double the people that we normally see through the summertime," said Kat Hernandez with Midland's Salvation Army.

This time of year is the busiest for shelters like the Salvation Army. That's why they are on watch for when the first freeze hits.

"We actually do keep watch on the temperature and make sure that we're not into the freezing points to make sure that we are better prepared for the clients because once it's starts getting colder we get pretty much full," said Hernandez.

If you need a warm place to stay, the Salvation Army in Midland can be your place to turn to.

"Everybody is welcome to come into our shelter. I mean we're not going to send anybody away especially if they are out in the cold. Just being out there. So I mean everybody is welcome. We're here to help and that's what we're here for," said Hernandez.

Even though the winter months bring in more people, the Salvation Army does not turn those in need away.

"We're never full. However we have to do it. We're never full. Not on the winter part," said Hernandez.

There is a freeze watch for several western counties. That does not mean you will see frost on surfaces. It just means the temperature will drop below freezing.