EMS Services in Presidio Struggling for Funding prompting County to Step In

EMS Services in Presidio Struggling for Funding prompting County to Step In

PRESIDIO, TX (KWES) - Presidio continues to be a topic after funding for their Emergency Medical Services is limited. NewsWest9's Alejandra Guzman spoke with officials who explained a solution is around the corner.

The City of Presidio is experiencing economic hardship that could lead to the loss of sick residents after Marfa's city council voted to scale back their emergency medical services.

The announcement made as Marfa's City Officials attempt to limit the mileage on their one fully functioning ambulance.

However,  county officials did respond to the issue hoping to assist both cities financially but Presidio's City Officials did not agree saying, "Their has to be a formula where each entity gets its fair share based on need, based on distance, based on population," said Marco Baeza, Presidio's City Administrator.  "Its not just an equal half 50 percent, 50 percent," said Baeza.

This prompting Presidio to ask for more money when compared to Marfa's services expenses.

"When Marfa is 20 minutes away from the hospital that St. Paul is a 180 mile round trip, if it happens within the City of Presidio if it happens in Candelaria River or Lajitas you're looking at a call that may take about six or eight hours, thats a huge difference," said Baeza.

Earlier in the evening Presidio's City Administrator confirmed they did receive partial funding from the County.

"The county had allocated $100,000 towards EMS services after negotiations with the county we collected 25 percent, which is $25,000," said Baeza.

Presidio and Marfa have both agreed to attend a workshop on, next Thursday, November 19 to discuss the possibility of creating an Emergency Services District. NewsWest9 will continue following this story.